Neighbour Bhabhi Ka Blackmail

Hi friends this is Saurabh.... Lemme not waste time and let me tell you about what this story is all about...

It’s about my Neighbour Mrs. Pooja Malhotra and me... The way i blackmailed her and the way she started to enjoy having sex with me....

Well it started all when i was 20 years of age, i was studying in f.y and that was the point when I got this news from my parents that our old neighbour has sold their flat to someone name Mr. Malhotra... I was pretty excited as i never shared a vibe with my old neighbours as they were pretty bad.

I over heard my parents speaking that our new neighbour were newly married and it had been only 2 months that they were married. One day i was at home and bell rang. Well there were 4 flats on our floor and all 3 of them were empty as our old neighbours had left. To my astonishment when i opened the door i saw a nice looking female with a dark bulgy male. I thought that they were some guys from jankalyan but when Mr. Malhotra introduced himself i was left astonished.. Well they were our new neighbours Mr and Mrs. Malhotra.

I welcomed them and while welcoming them i just ran through Mrs. Malhotra, She was in her mid 20's and had an impressive figure, she was fair like any north Indian and had good amount of weight on her chest... I was little bit surprised as she had married Mr. Malhotra as he was fat and din't look good with his dark skin... Well it was it they came to our place and we shared quiet an evening with them...

Then Mr Malhotra said that they will be shifting here in the next week and that Mrs. Malhotra is a house wife and he is a Account manager in Quidelipis. I was so horny after seeing MRS. Malhotra that i started masturbating in my room in their presence and after relieving myself i joined them again.

Welll a week passed by and they shifted to become our neighbour, Mrs. Malhotra's name was Pooja and she was really very pretty and sexy. Well the days passed by and we shared a cosy relationship with each other. But it was about to change... Also one more thing that we had adjacent balcony and the balcony to my bedroom was attached to Pooja's bedroom... Well one day as i was studying at late night, i heard some squibles. It was pooja who was speaking to someone on the phone at 12 midnight, i hardly cared and resumed studying.... weeks passed by and then i had my semster exams, which meant that i had to study hard... I had overall 6 exams in my 3 semester, it was winter and Mr. Malhotra was out of station on some office work and was not available till 15 days...

I was studying quietly in my room and then suddenly i heard some squibble again ,which forced me to go in my balcony, i knew that Pooja was speaking to someone and i wondered it was her husband, but then to my surprise she started taking some aakash's name, i thought that she might have been talking to her brother or someone, but then she started talking about not to force her into having sex with him. I was surprised and i hide in my balcony.... I heard their conversation and I came to know that aakash was her ex-boyfriend and she was in a physical relationship with him... Well night passed by and we both fell asleep. Next day after finishing my exams i came home and when i was entering my house i saw a guy who was exiting pooja's house, i wondered who it was but then i was happy as i my paper was excellent and i din't care, Again the night came and i was studying in my room for the next paper, i again heard some noise coming from my neighbours balcony, and i secretly entered my balcony in a ladden position so that she cannot see me.

I hears her talking to aaksah and she was begging him not to come to their place as neighbours could see him, but then she started fighting with him and then i heard that she has allowed aakash to come tomorrow at 1 p.m and that it would be the last interaction they will have. I heard the conversation and i was pretty much excited to see what happens. Next day my paper got over and i rushed back home to investigate what Mrs. Malhotra (P;ooja) was upto.

I entered my palce and was keeping a close look at her house, then suddenly a guy came and pooja opened the door without him ringing the bell, i knew that it was him, so i rushed to my room and told my mom that i will be sleeping and not to disturb me, i went in my balcony and decided to be an jasoos(Detective), I had a phone with video recording facility and i thought to blackmail my neighbour. Remember i told u guys that we had adjacent balcony(ek dum bajoo main). I leaped in to see that aakash and pooja were kissing eachother passionately, after kissing each other for like 5 mins, both of them were lying in their bed and were talking, she said that this is the last time we are having sex and he should forget her, Also aakash agreed and they started licking each other's neck and then had sex.... I recorded everything and then it was my time to fulfil my dream...

I saw aakash dressing up and leaving, that same night i thought of talking with pooja, and i entered her home, she greeted me and asked me whether i would have anything, B y the way she was pretty close to my mum as they both were housewives and shared quite a time with each other... As she entered the kitchen to make me a milkshake, i went in and grabbed her from her waste and kissed her on her neck.. She retaliated and slapped me on my face and told me to get lost, i was surprised by her reaction and i went away and went to my home... I was confused as i thought she would have sex with me as her husband was not satisfying her and aakash had sex with her for the last time, may be i was stupid to do that....

I thought she would complaint it my mum, and i will be screwed but then i  took up some courage and went and rang her bell in the evening. She answered the door and as soon as she saw me, she told me to get lost, While she was banging the door on my face i said aakash and then she suddenly stopped. She opened her door and let me in, then she started asking me about aaksah. I told her that i know everything and i will tell Mr. Malhotra about this or else she should narrate the entire story to me...

She was scared and thats what i wanted, i told her to tell me everything about aakash and herself or else i will tell Mr. Malhotra that she has been sleeping with some guy when u were out. She agreed and narrated the whole story, actually, aakash was in her college and they were a couple, they dated and had sex with eachother in  college, lateron aakash went to canada and then she fell in love with Mr. Malhotra who was from her college but senior, finally the married eachother and then suddenly aakash appeared in her life again... I was in heaven listening to this as i could use this in order to fuck pooja for as long as i could.

Soon after hearing this story i told her that i will not tell anything to Mr. Malhotra, she was happy as she did not know what i was about to tell her to do, but she came close to me and hugged me, i felt the pressure of her boobies and i wanted to fuck her right there and then, but i controlled my feelings and i gave her an option, i told her that i lusted for her and i will not tell anyone abt anything unless she gives me a blowjob and drinks my cum.... She was surprised and told me to leave, but i reminded of the consequences and then in a mild voice she agreed.

I was pretty much excited and i told her to meet me on the terrace at 8 at night, but she told me to meet at her place and i readily agreed.

I told her to go for shopping the other day(Next Day when we were to meet at 8) and buy red bra and a matching pany and an eye-makeup, she agreed to it and then the next day came, i was excited as i was to get a blowjob from a lady who looked like an actress. Pooja went in for shopping and i fin ished my exam and returned home. i stayed in my bathroom shaving my pubic hair and make it a wonderful experience out of it... Well the time came and it was 7.50 p.m and i told my mum that i was going for a movie, well as soon as i left my place i called her and told her to be ready and keep her door open, like a thief i entered her place and i was greeted with her innocent smile mixed with scariness. I told her that have u bought what i told u to but, she nodded.

I then told her to apply her makeup and i will be ready in 15 mins to receive her service, she went in her bedroom which was adjacent to my bedroom, and then after 15 mins she came in the drawing room wearing red colour saree and a red colour matching blouse with a black colour eye-makeup. I was astonished seeing her like that, and i could'nt control but i leaned towards her and i kissed her deep red lipstick, she din't respond, but then i used my card and said aakash, she opened her lips and inserted her tongue in my mouth and we were deeply kissing each other for 15 mins... She broke the kiss and asked me to sit on the bed in her bedroom and then she would blow me, but as i knew that the bedroom was adjacent to my room, i told her to give me a blowjob on her couch in the drawing room and she agreed.... I told her to go slow as she was the first girl to blow me.

I hugged her and told her to be seated on the couch and then i removed her pallu and started eating her boobs above her blouse, she moaned, but then i removed her blouse and she was in her red bra, also i figured it out to remove her saree so that she could be in her petticoat and bra, i was kissing her like mad, i gave her re marks(Love Bite) on her neck while sucking it hard like a vampire... she sort of enjoyed it, that’s what i understood, but later on i told her that i will be removing her bra and petticoat only is she starts dancing, she was wild and i was taking aakash's name if she would'nt agree, she decided to dance on her petticoat and bra, i played a track (Chamak Challo) and she started dancing, i told her after 5 mins to remove her petticoat and she agreed and removed it, now she was dancing in her bra and panty.... i told her to come close to me and remove my shirt, she removed my shirt....

I then told her to eat my nipples and then she started caressing it... Well then something stuck and i told her to make me a peg of whisky,(Mr. Malhotra was a heavy drinker) she made me a peg and then i told her to drink it and she drank it in one sip.... she started dancing wildly and then later on maybe after 5 mins i told her to undo her bra and panty, in a filmy style, she removed her bra and panty and was dancing like crazy... Later on i told her to come to me and unzip my pants, she agreed to it and started unzipping my pants from her hand, i stopped her and i told her to use her moist lips with red lipstick on it.... she said yes and then she unzipped my pants as she knew that this was a torture for her, if she would have said no, then she would have faced consequences...

Now i was in my undies and she completely naked, i told her to put her moist red lips on my cock and start eating it, she said no and then i again took aaksas's name and she readily agreed, i could'nt believe that she was blowing me off... she took my dick in her mouth and was giving me a blowjob like a professional whore.... she gulped it, sucked it, fucked it and also deep throated me... it was like i was in heaven and i was enjoying it..... I was about to come after 20 mins or soo, but i controlled it using a theory which i was thought in sex education in my school, and then she was pissed and she told me that her husband would have cum in 5 mins and aakash would have cum in 10 mins, but i was strong after 20 mins also and i told her to continue, then i told her to like my balls and my asshole, she was stunned and again i reminded her off akaash... she agreed and she started sucking my balls... ooooohhhh mmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooooddddd, it was amazingggg...

This lady sucking my cock, my balls and licking my asshole made me mad, after about 10 mins of licking my asshole i told her to resume sucking my dick and i told her to make me cum...... She made efforts like a bitch and finally i was about to cum..... I informed her about the bulge in my balls, ans she told me to cum in her mouth and finish it offf. I approached my climax and i deposited tons and tons of cum in her mouth, as per my request she swallowed each and every drop of it.... I was partially satisfied, and then a thought struck my mind... i said i wanted to fuck her right now. She was surprised; she begged and told me not to fuck her.

I was like a devil, i wanted that pussy and that ass, but suddenly her bell rang and i jumped and saw that Aaakash was on the door, i told her to open the door and i went in the bathroom....

Well friends, later on what happened will be told in my next part depending on the feedbacks and comments of u all.... lemme assure you, u gonna enjoy it what’s comes after this... (Me, Pooja, Aakash & Mr. Malhotra in fouresome)


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